It's Football Time in TENNESSEE!

Before you read the rest of this post, WATCH THIS CLIP!

Well, it's my favorite time of the year!  Fall is almost here, temperatures are cooling off some, and FOOTBALL is everywhere!  Around the Dub house and on our car and usually on at least one of us, you'll find The BIG ORANGE---The University of Tennessee!  While I will tell you that's my team and that my blood runs orange, etc., etc., etc., I came to a big realization a few years back.  As much as I love my VOLS, I need to love JESUS...MORE!  Because if I love the Volunteers or music or family or ANYTHING or ANYBODY more than JESUS, I'm putting whatever it is before God and that has become my IDOL.   Just think about that as you support your team this fall.  I'm gonna love my VOLS.  Go ahead and love your team.  Let's just LOVE JESUS MORE!  (That's a great hashtag... #LoveJesusMore.  Feel free to use it!)  T-Dub out!