Super Summer!


It's hard to believe that summer has come and gone already!  Sorry for not posting more during the summer but my internet access was somewhat limited as I was the camp pastor at Asbury Hills for the summer.  It was a fantastic experience there for me and my whole family.  I got to work with an amazing staff in an incredibly beautiful place in the mountains and, most importantly, I was able to lead some students to Jesus this summer!  Man, that NEVER gets old to me!  Whether you're the one planting the Gospel seeds, or the one that waters it, or the one that gets to see the harvest, there's nothing like being a part of leading someone to Christ.  Which begs the question---have YOU ever been a part of that amazing experience?  If not, why not today?  Take your shot and share Jesus with someone around you.  You'll be glad you did!

Well, I just wanted to say that summer is amazing and let you know that now that I'm back on a "normal" (whatever that means) schedule, I'll be posting more frequently.  Have a JESUS day and share Him with others!  T-Dub out!