What Lights Your Fire?

This summer I'm having the great privilege to be the Camp Pastor at Asbury Hills Camp and Retreat Center.  We've got three weeks of camps behind us and so far it's been exciting and fun for me and the whole Dub family!  We've met lots of new people and made lots of new friends but, MOST IMPORTANTLY, there have been several students (ranging from elementary to high school) that met JESUS for the very first time!!  That NEVER gets old to me!  And seeing God begin to truly grab the hearts of students to the point where you see the "Jesus light bulb" come on thrills me to no end!  I love seeing people of all ages get to know Jesus or know Him better but seeing kids and teenagers begin to own their faith really lights my fire!

So the question of the day is this---what lights your fire?  But wait...before you just casually give me the "church" answer, take an honest look at your life.  The answer to the question lies in whatever it is that you're living for.  I hope and pray the answer is Jesus.  But if many of us are honest, while we may say "Jesus" with our lips, our lives say that we're living for something else.  Could it be money?  A job?  School?  Friends?  Fun?  Family?  Entertainment?  Church?  Your spouse or boy/girlfriend?  It could be one of these or maybe something else.  And while there's nothing wrong with having any of these things in your life, HEAR ME...if there's anything or anybody other than JESUS at the top of your "What I'm Living For" List, your priorities are out of order.  Take it from someone who's learned that lesson the hard way, get your priorities and your life in the RIGHT order or your life's gonna get way complicated. (HINT:  just to help you out a little, I'll give you what SHOULD BE the top two priorities for all of us, in the correct order---#1. JESUS  #2. Family  As long as you get those top two in the right place and order, the rest of them seem to work themselves out.)

Well, five more weeks of camps to go and I'm jacked about what God's gonna do.  Keep me in your prayers as I seek to make the Gospel and God's word clear to students and to stay out of God's way.  Have a JESUS day!  T-Dub out!

 The Mountain Chapel at  Asbury Hills Camp & Retreat Center

The Mountain Chapel at Asbury Hills Camp & Retreat Center