I Promise

So often, as parents, we miss out on wonderful opportunities to connect with our kids.  Sometimes it's due to circumstances beyond our control, but more often, it's because we don't choose to seize the opportunities that come along.  Yesterday was Peyton's 7th birthday (the little man is growing up!) and I was able to grab a great opportunity with him.

Last week, he had asked if I could come have lunch with him at school on his birthday.  My answer then was the typical parent answer when we're either not sure we can do it or we're hoping they'll forget (you know I'm only speaking the truth!).  I said, "We'll see."  He asked again over the weekend and I gave the same answer, although I was already working things out to be there.  But then on Monday, he and I were in the car and he said, "Dad, hold up your two promise fingers."  Curious to see what was up, I did as he asked.  He then said, "Repeat after me.  I promise...to come have lunch with you tomorrow...at 11:30...and bring Atami."  On the outside I was repeating what he said, but, on the inside, I was bursting with laughter.  I was already making plans to have lunch with him, but, at that point, how could I not say YES to my son who was clearly just wanting a little of my time.  So yesterday, of course, I swung by Atami Express and picked up some Japanese food and went and had a wonderful lunch just talking with my favorite 7-year-old!

Just a couple things for all of us as parents to remember:

  1. Our kids really want and NEED some of our time.  I realize that after a long day of work or maybe we just don't feel well or there's a million other things on our to-do-lists.  However, just remember our kids are on loan to us from God and they grow up way too fast.  Once they do, our opportunities to spend time with them get less and less.
  2. We should try to say YES more than we say NO.  Now I'm not saying that we cave in to their every want.  That would be ridiculous!  But what I mean is that there are always times when our kids asking for something like lunch at school or to go to a movie or a ballgame or shopping or whatever.  When they ask for those things, realize it's a possible opportunity you have to spend some precious time with your kids.  Is your schedule so set in stone that you can't push something back or reschedule something in order to spend time with your kids?  If so, you should better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Our kids are only little once.  So hold up your two promise fingers and repeat after me...


Have a JESUS day! T-Dub out!