To Mary Elizabeth

My Beautiful Mary Elizabeth,

Twelve years ago today, your mom and I were so excited.  We prayed for a healthy baby girl and, as a dad, I was also praying that our second child would be a girl so that our daughter would have an older brother (aka hitman) to help keep watch over our precious girl.  God answered our prayers and blessed us with beautiful YOU!  And it wasn't long before you had me wrapped around that cute little finger of yours.

You are growing into an amazing young lady.  God has created you to be beautiful, unique, funny, smart, talented, dependable, trustworthy, honest, creative, and so many more things that make you YOU.  I'm so proud to be your dad.  You're a daddy's girl like many girls but I am so very thankful that above that, you are your heavenly Daddy's girl!  You love the Lord and it's very evident that you are trying your best to live for Him and that couldn't make your mom and me any prouder and we can't wait to see how God is going to use you.  Just keep following His lead and you will do amazing things with the gifts He's given you.

Your mom and I love you so much and even though they might not ever tell you, I think your brothers do, too!  I hope you have a fantastic birthday today and I'm glad you want steak for your birthday cause that sounds good to me, too!

Love you, Baby Girl!